Newsletter, October 2016

“Excuse me,” you say, “but it’s not October. It hasn’t been for, well, almost a month.”

Oh, but don’t you wish it was? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do Thanksgiving all over again? You could skip the regrettable things you did—like have that fifth piece of pie. Really, four was plenty.

The printed and mailed version of this newsletter of ours did indeed go out in October. They were fiber-rich and fat-free. The ones linked from this message are equally so—you may read either without fear of overstuffing yourself. Please do, because we don’t want any leftovers.

October 2016: A Liddle Good News (for viewing on-screen)

October 2016: A Liddle Good News (for printing)

The following pictures will help you see how I (David) have occasionally kept myself busy with bigger projects:

Installing APs in KarimuMounted AP, completed KarimuNew phones come in ...... old phones go outPhone lines aren't pretty, but useful

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Newsletter, April 2016

After more than two years in the making ….

OK, not really.

The worst newsletter writers in all of Christendom bring to you the summary of summaries, an imitation CliffsNotes® of our Wycliffe ministry since 2013.

That’s bad. That’s really, really bad. It’s award-winning bad. And bad means not good, not right. It’s not right that I fail to communicate with the people who care about the work that we do for Wycliffe and with the people who faithfully ensure that it continues. Without regular contact, I’m apt to focus on what is in front of me and to put out of my mind that and those who are not in front of me. We have two conflicting sayings in English, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Our ministry to Wycliffe has been steady and predictable for many moons now. Yes, you can indeed read about it—and see pictures!—in our newsletter. It’s a short read:

April 2016: A Liddle Good News

If you read that, then the following pictures and descriptions will make more sense. Since the newsletter was actually written, Katherine has moved into the library’s new space, and I have finished assembling my wireless access point mounts.

Progress in the library
More has been done since this photo was taken, but this new workspace was a nice addition.
My final design
This is my final design of the wireless access point mounts to go on the walls of the new guest lodgings.


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Newsletter, September 2013

“With your help, the next newsletter will be written from Germany!”

Yes, I wrote that more than two years ago – the last time I wrote and sent a newsletter.

“When I return from this conference, I will work on writing a newsletter to highlight what has happened in our family life and in my work over the past year.”

And, yes, I wrote that more than a year ago, promising to rectify the error. Ugh.

Among those reading these words now – or the words in the newsletter, if they’ve skipped over this drivel – are people who have faithfully kept us living and working in Germany despite our unfaithfulness in keeping in touch. And within that group are folks who began supporting our ministry two years ago so that we could come here in the first place. The actions and prayers of our brothers and sisters are a powerful testimony to their love, and we are indeed grateful. We have not been in want.

So here is our newsletter, a summary of life and work for the Liddles as we serve Wycliffe Bible Translators from central Germany.

September 2013: A Liddle Good News (for viewing on-screen)

September 2013: A Liddle Good News (for printing)

Thank you for reading – and for being patient with us!

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