Newsletter, February 2018

At last, the air is clear of the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and … my hometown team winning a certain celebrated sporting event. Valentine’s Day, the Olympic Games—they’re all behind us. May we all breathe again now?

Apart from the activity of the above, our time in the U.S. has been fairly uneventful, which is just as a so-called “furlough” often should be. Jonathan and Caleb are doing well in school. We get to spend a good amount of time with my side of the family, most of whom live in the area. It has been a period of restfulness threaded with an urge to return to work and life in Germany.

Part of this time is intended for reconnecting with those who faithfully keep us busy and active while we’re serving away from home. During the busiest times of year, though, it’s not easy to visit those folks. With spring arriving, our schedule of events is picking up. Here’s where we anticipate being over the next several months:

  • March 4: The Blue Church, Springfield, PA, 9:00–1:00 PM (combined Sunday school class, worship, lunch)
  • March 10: Aldan Union Church, Aldan, PA, 8:00–10:30 AM (missions conference breakfast)
  • March 14: Aldan Union Church, Aldan, PA, 7:00–8:30 PM (missions conference panel discussion)
  • March 18: Aldan Union Church, Aldan, PA, 9:00–1:00 PM (missions conference Sunday school, worship)
  • April 13-15: Pender United Methodist Church, Fairfax, VA (missions conference)
  • April 29: Parkwood Baptist Church, Annandale, VA, 9:30–12:00 PM (combined Sunday school, lunch)
  • June 11-13: South Carolina (tentative visits)
  • June 13-19: First Presbyterian Church, Duncanville, TX (worship, friends in vicinity)
  • June 19-27: Centennial, CO (family visit)
  • June 27-July 2: Brookdale Church, Saint Joseph, MO (worship, family visit)
  • August 3: Germany?

If you live near any of these places (or along our likely route) and would like to get together with us, please let us know! You can find our email address in the newsletter:

February 2018: A Liddle Good News (for viewing on-screen)

February 2018: A Liddle Good News (for printing)

When you pray for us, please keep our stamina the threat of travel fatigue before the Lord our God. We are grateful to you for being a part of our Wycliffe ministry!

Resume the countdown!

On the NASA website, you can read this about Atlantis’ launch for STS-135: “There was a slight delay at T-31 seconds while retraction of the Gaseous Oxygen Vent Arm, or “Beanie Cap,” was verified.” After several email messages, in which cost-of-living discussions and proposals were passed back and forth across the ocean, the delay in our own countdown was lifted. Today I read, “… you are cleared to depart as planned.” Hallelujah!

When you pray to the LORD our God, please pray for us to stay focused on our departure from Missouri next week and to remain active in our preparations for that trip and the one on August 8. And pray that we won’t leave anything important behind. We can’t do this without you!

P.S. We can, however, go to Germany without removing our beanie caps.

An “unplanned hold” in the countdown

This morning, I pulled the boys early out of their swim practice so that we could watch the last launch of the Space Shuttle from the lobby of the YMCA. With 0:31 to go, Mission Control detected a potential problem and put a hold on the countdown. Our jaws dropped — we all wanted a picture-perfect launch. Thankfully, they resumed the countdown after checking video cameras and sensors. And the three of us enjoyed a beautiful launch on a special day — Caleb’s 8th birthday.

When we got home, I gravitated to our email. In it, I saw a new message from our personnel administrator which posed a question about one of the fields I had completed in the ministry budget form. When I opened the form to check it out, I realized that I had made a mistake. And what an error it was — the correction pushes the budget amount nearly up to the previous level. I can’t say at all that this launch is scrubbed, as NASA would say, but we need to put a hold in the countdown while we and Wycliffe figure out what’s going to happen next. All other preparations stay underway, but there’s a pause in the final approval.

What can you do? Pray to the Lord our God for a favorable resolution. That could take different forms. Certainly the clearest way it could be resolved is for additional financial partners to join us in the “eleventh hour” and make it a moot point. There’s about a $550 gap. Surely the people of our God can prove that he is indeed Jehovah-jireh, “the LORD will provide”!

To become one of those partners, please click this link to get started. Thank you for your demonstration of faith, hope, and love!