Newsletter, April 2009

If you’re reading the posts on to keep up with our family and my work with Wycliffe, then you’re probably familiar with the content of the newsletter that we’ve now sent to people who prefer to get it in the mail. I’m posting it on the site as a PDF file so that you can get a print-ready copy for yourself or for people you know who are interested in our ministry. You can open, read, and print the file (use the link at the bottom) with Adobe Reader.

One thing that I want to add is that you should make sure that you keep software such as Adobe Reader fully patched to reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected through a bad file or a bug in the software. To check your computer for at-risk software, I recommend the scanning products from Secunia.

April 2009: A Liddle Good News

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Newsletter, June 2008

After much kicking and screaming, I finally put together a newsletter for us to mail – in one form or another – to our family, friends, and supporters. Part of the reason for starting this site is so that we can log the little anecdotes and announcements that we typically put into these letters, and then collect them into a single letter to mail. Maybe it’ll be easier.

In this letter, I write about my new role in IT, a few interesting experiences at work, my helping to build our Helpdesk system, and about this website. I hope you don’t find it incredibly dull. Would it help if I told you there were pictures of the boys?

June 2008: A Liddle Good News

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