Fun with words and kids

If you were ever a kid who didn’t always like to eat what was put in front of you, then this word might ring true with you:

spreag·gies \’sprej-ēz\  pl n : the vegetables intentionally dispersed about a plate to give the impression that a sufficient quantity have been consumed; esp. : the work of a child desperately hoping not to eat the food that has been placed before him or her at mealtime

Since our good friends at Google have yet to produce search results relating to the description of this ancient, time-honored practice, we decided that it was time to contribute to our culture and language.

This post doesn’t have a huge connection to our present ministry, but we view it as a nice lesson in the flexibility and adaptability of the English language. Anyone can add something to it! (That’s the short lesson on language change, which was an important concept when we were surveying languages for Wycliffe.)

Go ahead and test your ability to change your language … use the word spreaggies and see if the people you know start using it, too!

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David Liddle

I grew up in Media, Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. I graduated from The Citadel in 1994. In 1995, I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and have served in Africa, the United States, and Germany. Katherine and I were married in November 1998.

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