“… but the workers are few.”

Have the folks you work for ever been short of the right number of people in the tech department?

I wrote that Wycliffe is in the process of shuffling people from one email system to another. That’s a big job. There are probably more people than ever in jobs like mine, but it seems that there aren’t quite enough to make this project go as smoothly as we might hope.

Google MailSo I finished the accounts for Wycliffe Slovakia, and my colleagues here are working on accounts in Switzerland, Finland, France, and other countries, bit by bit. I moved on to the accounts at the organizational level above us, to finish off the folks at the top. (No pun was intended there … OK, it was, but only in fun.) I have just a few stragglers to chase down in that group.

With my plate nearly clear, I’ve offered to work on other groups who seem to need help getting going. I can see from our records that there are many accounts waiting to be moved in these places. They just don’t have tech workers free to put their time into this task of ours.

Next stop? The Americas, apparently. Not Wycliffe USA, mind you—they’re all done with their staff. And not Canada, either. I’m talking about the people who help and guide the Wycliffe offices in Central and South America. They have a few dozen accounts that need to make the move—but they don’t have anyone else to work with them right now.

Clearly, the difference between time zones (3-7 hours?) is going to reduce the time each day that I have to get connected with people. If you think of me while praying, please pray for good, timely communication, clear thinking, and quick, skillful work. Thanks!

P.S. Here’s a shout-out and some accolades for the Bomgar company, whose technology makes such work possible. They’re terribly good to us, and we couldn’t do it without them!

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David Liddle

I grew up in Media, Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. I graduated from The Citadel in 1994. In 1995, I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and have served in Africa, the United States, and Germany. Katherine and I were married in November 1998.

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