Everybody out!

Our IT department could use your prayers. There are two construction projects under way in our building. One is a renovation of all the offices that belong to the Global Publishing Services group. The other project is the replacement of the heating and cooling equipment throughout the building. During this time, ventilation will be intermittent, dust will be everywhere, and the noise will be maddening — at best.

So we’re moving out … again. We squeezed many of us into a conference room down the hall while our own office space was renovated three years ago. This time, the work is more extensive, so our move will be, too. Much of our department will work out of a recently vacated mobile home on the campus. My team, the customer service team, will probably move to two offices in one of the other buildings.

If you look at a map of the campus at Google Maps, you can see the four main buildings arranged around a small quadrangle. Our office is in the Hunt Building on the east side. My team will probably be located on two different floors in the Key Building, the large pointy-ended structure on the south side. The mobile home is in the trees just south of the pool, which is covered in the picture. (Yours truly also manages the pool, by the way. If you wonder why a bunch of missionaries need a pool, come visit us anytime from June to August.)

Please pray that we’ll be able to keep service uninterrupted and undiminished while we’re away from our normal workspaces. We won’t have all of our tools and other resources handy, but I’m determined to show the people we serve that nothing will deter us from giving them and the Lord our best. You can praise God for this opportunity to make our team more visible and accessible — sometimes we spend too much time hiding in the office surrounded by computers. We’re such geeks.

At least we’re not fleeing from a hurricane ….

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